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The Post and Courier Published an Article About Teaching Math to Artists That Upset Me

May 8, 2010

So, the Post and Courier posted the following article

Well, this article upset me so much that I wrote the following letter to the editor defending the honors of all of my students!


“Dear Editor:


I recently read an article written by Ken Burger titled “Teaching math to artists”. This article focused on a math teacher and her class at the Art Institute of Charleston. I am the other full-time math instructor at the Art Institute of Charleston. Maybe I’m an idealist or a hopeless romantic or some other noun that explains my views of pedagogy/andragogy, but I feel that this article is insulting our students.  I feel it makes them all out to be incapable of understanding math. I know that, in general, the students don’t want to take math, but that doesn’t imply they are all a bunch of glass-eyed zombies. I wish the article had been more clear that the challenge of our jobs as math instructors is getting the students to want to learn the math, not getting the students to understand the math. Maybe I just have too much faith in and respect for my students, but I feel this is degrading to my students and all students at the Art Institute of Charleston.



Ashley Godbold

Math Instructor, The Art Institute of Charleston”

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