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“Final Fantasy XIII”, “Looksley’s Line Up”, and Illness

May 17, 2010

Yesterday I beat Final Fantasy XIII for the XBOX 360. It took a total of 71 hours. I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s the first Final Fantasy game I have ever beaten. I haven’t ever played any other Final Fantasy game more than approximately 5 hours. I’m not sure what it was about this game compared to other Final Fantasy games that I liked so much. I’m sure the fact that it was on the 360 had something to do with it, considering I only really like playing games on the XBOX 360. I beat it, but I am not done playing it. I want to complete all the missions and get the achievements associated with missions and level-ups. I have about 15 missions (out of 62) left. Plus, I don’t have anything else to play right now. We purchased 3D Dot Game Heroes and I will probably play that when Kyle stops playing it. I am in no hurry to play it. It doesn’t really strike me as a game I will get into. It doesn’t help that it’s on the PS3 and I hate playing games on the PS3. Who knows, maybe it will surprise me.


.Today, I downloaded Looksley’s Line Up for the NDSi. I’ve been pretty excited about it, but so far I am super disappointing with it. First off, it cannot (as far as I can tell) be oriented for lefties. There’s a joke in there somewhere about the alliteration of Looksley, Line, and Lefties, but I’m too sick to try to formulate it.  Secondly, my bedroom is apparently too dark for it to get a good view of my face so it doesn’t even work correctly. I’ll give it a try in a more well lit room some other time. I am sick and don’t really feel like getting out of bed. I guess I will stick to playing Picross 3D, reading World War Z, and sleeping (which is the only relief I get from this cough) until Kyle gets home and I can convince him to move the tv next to the bed for me. Then I can play Final Fantasy and be pathetically sick at the same time. Even though I’m not really sure if I have the energy for even that…I hate being sick…it’s super boring…

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  1. November 1, 2010 9:42 am

    Ahh, I’ve heard Chapter 13 takes the longest out of them all. I’m at Chapter 12 and about 68 hours. This game is so much different from all of the other Final Fantasy’s I’ve played. Congrats on completing the story though. How tough was that last boss?

    • agodboldmath permalink*
      November 1, 2010 12:45 pm

      Actually, surprisingly, I beat the boss in my first try. However, the boss was incredibly long!

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