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Record of Agarest War-First Achievement

May 30, 2010

After over 6 hours of game play, I finally got my first achievement. It’s only worth 5 points!!

I really like this game, despite its achievement stinginess.

This game was hyped up to be over sexualized by both the media and the annoying game clerk that sold it to me. (p.s. I decided I wanted to buy it before she told me about the TNA-I’m not some dirty perv like she tried to make me out to be.) This game is not sexual AT ALL, so far. The clerk’s enthusiasm for the whole “naughtiness” of the game almost turned me off of the game entirely, but I’m happy it didn’t, because it was an inaccurate description of the game and I really like it.

Update: 5/30/10

A few minutes late I got my second achievement 🙂 yay!

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