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I Beat the First Generation of Record of Agarest War

June 1, 2010

This game is actually really cool. I wish more people would give it a chance. I suppose it would greatly help if GameStop clerks didn’t make you feel like a perv for buying it. I’m just a big fan of tactical turn based RPGs. I also really like the generation aspect of the game. The way the game works is you play through a generation, at the end of a generation, your character (who is male) chooses a bride. He has a choice of up to three women to marry. He may not have a choice of all three. There are special events that happen and depending on your reaction or path taken, the girls will either approve or disapprove. If they disapprove of what you do too ofter, they will hate him and not marry him. After you choose a bride, the next generation starts and is lead by their son. The interesting thing is that the son will look different and have different attributes depending on which bride was chosen. This happens for five generations.

The following link shows the different heroes and their mothers. Record of Agarest War Party Members

Below are all of the achievements I have received since my last update:

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