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Photoshop and Illustrator

June 23, 2010

Back in April I took a short Photoshop and a short Illustrator course. Art Institute Online offered these two week courses for free. I didn’t get course credit for them, but I got experience and a certificate of completion. Since this blog is suppose to be a document of my accomplishments in art school, I suppose I should post these certificates and my final Photoshop project that I am super proud of. We were only suppose to fix the far left side of the picture (where the hole is), but I decided to fix the whole thing! This took me hours! However, I feel that I am very comfortable with the clone tool in Photoshop now 🙂

Photoshop Short Course Final Project-BEFORE

Photoshop Short Course Final Project-AFTER

I was required to increase the contrast on the image. However, I think the people’s  faces looked less blotchy before I did that. Unfortunately, I lost the file that I saved before applying the effect.

My certificates of completion:

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