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I beat Nier…4 times!!!

July 5, 2010

So, I absolutely love this game. I don’t care what all the uppity video game reviewers say.


This game has four endings. To get all four endings you have to play one full-playthrough, two half-playthroughs, and one fourth-playthrough. So, I did just that! 🙂 I wanted to see all the endings and I also wanted to get all the achievements that I didn’t consider a complete waste of time. For example, spending forty plus real-time days (or possibly more) planting crops. Apparently if I had disconnected from XBOX Live and changed the clock on my XBOX I could have done this in a day, but “F” THAT!I suppose I could have gotten the achievement for the 100-hit combo, but I liked using magic too much and magic doesn’t count towards combos.

I loved this game so much, I am literally forcing Kyle to play it now. I want him to experience the awesomeness, as well.

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