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Gaming Update…

July 25, 2010

My new schedule for work has me teaching and in the “office” M and W from 8-5…that leaves a lot of free time for video games…I literally spent the entirety of Wednesday evening through Saturday evening playing this game. I unlocked all of the achievements and I found all put one of the known secret eggs. There are 11 total and one requires you beating the game without ever dying and in one sitting (that’s the one I haven’t gotten). Of the 10 I found, I found 4 on my own, 2 with teammates, and the rest either by hints/locations given on a message board. I’ve had a lot of fun. I particularly liked working with teammates and people on message boards looking through suspicious areas.

So, as per my usual convention, here are the achievements I unlocked. It’s the first game that I unlocked all achievements for. (Technically I unlocked all achievements for Elderscrolls IV, but then I downloaded the expansion and started grad school.)

Also, those of you that read my walkthrough may notice the achievements actually started unlocking after I wrote up the location of them. Well, I wrote the walkthrough before it came out with Kyle, since he had an early review copy. I wasn’t able to get my copy to play on my gamertag until the day it actually released.

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