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Mass Effect 2 DLC, Left for Dead 2, and Dragon Age DLC

September 14, 2010

I almost forgot to post this! (Well, I did forget, but I re-remembered.)

I purchased all the Mass Effect 2 DLC on Friday. I completed them all and here are the achievements I unlocked.

I’m not sure why the icons for the Shadow Broker DLC aren’t showing up. I now have all but 5 of the 59 achievements.

I also randomly played Left 4 Dead 2 with Kyle. I unlocked two achievements.

I got super excited about DLC after playing the Mass Effect DLC, so I decided to purchase the DLC for Dragon Age. Well, apparently the one I downloaded (Return to Ostagar) is not compatible with the Awakening expansion! So, I can’t use my current character. It’s total bull crap 😦 I wasted $5 on it. Oh, well. I should have know it would happen, considering I had to run around naked for the first half of Awakening, because my dragon armor (which was DLC) didn’t transfer to Awakening. I’m going to download the ones that are compatible and play them this weekend.

I may do a second playthrough on the game so I can get some of the “bad guy” achievements that I didn’t get on my original playthrough. If I do that, I can play that DLC I can’t play right now.

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