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I Beat Enslaved in One Sitting

October 12, 2010

So, I got to have my first video game crack-out session in a while, with Enslaved for the XBOX 360 today. This is the first time I played a game from start to finish in one sitting since….gosh, I dunno…Dragon Age? I really wish I played more “short” games. (And by “short” I mean approximately 12 hours…yes, I played this game for 12 hrs straight…)

Anyway, I really enjoyed this game and I liked that it was a “non-platforming platformer”. The camera angles took some getting used to and the controls would sometimes make me curse their unresponsiveness, but overall, I think it was great. I always say I am going to “go back and get the achievements I missed”, but seriously, who am I kidding? Besides, Fallout comes out next week!!!

P.S. I started playing Flower, Sun, and Rain for the DS and it is by far, one of the weirdest games I have ever played.

Here are my achievements for Enslaved:

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