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Fable III

November 1, 2010

So, I spent a few days in New Orleans for work. The trip was a little rough on me, because of my fear of flying, mostly. So, when I got back I wanted to do NOTHING…except play Fable III which came out the day before I left. So, I played it all day Saturday and half the day Sunday.

For those of you that have not beaten then game, this is a slight spoiler alert! I really hated the way the ending played out. It essentially game you one year to amass a certain amount of money and made you make these difficult decisions to do it. Well, my wanting to play as a good guy made me be completely in debt. Which would not have been a big deal, since I was just planning on using my own money from my real estate to pay for these projects. The thing I hated though was that it was only 5 “days” before it was like, “Ok it’s been a year, you have a negative sum of money you’re all going to die!” It didn’t give me any warning that completing a seemingly mundane quest would cause this year to be completed in a few days! And of course the f-ing game auto-saves so I couldn’t go back to a save before completing the quest. I would not have minded the short year, if I had just been given some kind of warning that it was so short. It kept saying in loading “295 days left” and then all of a sudden it was the big day…I’m still angry about it. Oh, well, I want to get all the in game collectibles and then I will stop playing the game. I may try to play it again to get the “good ending” now that I know that by one year they really mean “5 days”.

BTW…the two tvs next to each other really worked out well for Kyle and I when we decided to play co-op.

Also, I am pretty excited about the awesome crown I acquired for my avatar 🙂








Here are all the achievements I amassed so far. I’m might going to try for a few more, but am probably going to go back to playing Fallout for now.



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