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Mobile Gaming

December 1, 2010

So, my loving parents got me a Samsung Focus for my birthday/Christmas. It has the Windows Phone 7 OS on it which means: XBOX LIVE ON THE GO!!! I’ve been playing Butterfly, ilomilo, Hexic Rush, and Flowerz. ilomilo and Flowerz were actually both free and are really good. I absolutely love ilomilo!!! It’s also for the XBOX 360, so I’ve been playing it on the console, as well. (I’ll post those achievements some other time.) I DLed Tetris, but haven’t played it enough for any achievements. I’ve gotten 100% of the achievements for both Butterfly and ilomilo.

Here are the achievements I have gotten on my cell phone so far.

Kyle got me Golden Sun:Dark Dawn for the DS for my birthday. As soon as I am done writing this blog entry, I am snuggling up with it in bed 🙂

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