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2D Animation Update

June 17, 2011

So here is the most up-to-date version of my animation. I spent a good bit of time yesterday working on it. It is STILL not finished but it is very close. I added in the old lady and was considering removing her (since she’s not required by the assignment), but my instructor likes her, so she stays. Tomorrow is the last day of class, so the final version will be completed by tomorrow night.

For some reason youtube cuts off the top and bottom of the video…I don’t know why…it’s frustrating, though, because you can’t see the top of the house nor can you see the old woman’s feet and wheels move.

Update: I figured out how to fix it! If you are ever uploading video and youtube formats it weirdly put “yt:crop=off” in the “tag” section and it will fix it 😀

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