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LA Noire and Dungeon Siege III

June 26, 2011

So, I haven’t updated about the games I’ve been playing in a while.

I beat 999: Nine Doors, Nine People, Nine Hours for the NDS earlier this month and picked Picross 3D back up, because I need a handheld game to play. I am contemplating stealing Kyle’s 3Ds and playing Ocarina of Time.

I also beat LA Noire (XBOX 360) and all of the available DLC within the last month. I will play it more when the next DLC comes out.

I started playing Alice: Madness Returns (XBOX 360), but I don’t think I will beat it…because I absolutely HATE it.

I just beat Dungeon Siege III (XBOX 360). I liked it so much I beat it in two sittings. [Notice all the achievements were obtained 6/26/2011] I’m probably done with it, but I might try to get some of the co-op achievements.

Anyway, here are the achievements I have gotten on LA Noire and Dungeon Siege. I will post the Alice ones if I ever beat it.


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