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I Disappeared!

April 4, 2012

I like to pretend that people actually read/look at my blog. And I like to pretend people wonder where I have gone when I haven’t updated in a while. Well, where I’ve gone is…Minnesota. This move has made me so busy. I’ve got a new baby and new jobs. So, I never have any time to game or do anything really…however, I recently got some major slack on my work schedule, so I will be doing some video game related art projects (in the hours that my daughter is asleep, of course). I also haven’t had any school work to post, because I’m taking a class called project management, which is just a bunch of writing. I should have another “art” class starting in a few weeks so that will allow me to update more. Also, like I said I will be doing some of my own random arty projects. I suppose I do have one relevant to the topics discussed in my blog thing to post. My husband recently “dragged” me to a live stream of the Star Wars game for the kinect and convinced me to play. I wasn’t really too keen on the idea, since I still have quite a bit of baby weight to go and have been avoiding all things with lenses until I actually have clothes that fit, but I went because he wanted me to. Anyway, here’s a link. The fam and I show up around 3:20.

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