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January 7, 2014

Up until recently, my blog has been acting as my “portfolio”. However, I am in the last few days of my Portfolio Prep class and will be taking Portfolio (my last class at Art Institute) soon. So, I’ve been working on an official portfolio. I’m probably going to remove the “Art School” header from my blog once I graduate next month. My blog will serve to display my Perler art, works in progress, and other less “official” stuff, while my portfolio should be limited only to my best pieces.

Anyway, if you feel like wasting some time, go check out my portfolio.

I’m still working on a few of the pieces, but for the most part, they are done. In the next 5 weeks, while I’m finishing up school, I am hoping to get a few more 3D models of objects up, since I would prefer to be a 3D object modeler. Hopefully this portfolio will help me to get a job or an internship or something 😀 I’m ready for a career change, especially since it’s hard to find full-time work as a math professor here in the Minneapolis area. It will probably be just as hard to find full-time work as a game designer, too…le sigh…but two part time jobs doing two things I love equate to one incredibly fulfilling full-time job, right?

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