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January 11, 2014

I’ve been spending a lot of time the last few days making new 3d models and updating some old ones. I’ve also been working in Adobe Premiere Pro trying to make sure my models are presented well. I’m going to start applying to internships and (if I can get the courage) some jobs soon, so I need my portfolio to be ship-shape.

I’ve also been looking at various programs on the internet for creating texture maps and am looking into possibly investing in a few different ones.

Here are the new items I’ve made. I apologize to my facebook friends for seeing the gun and the car posted twice. My twitter and blog automatically forward to facebook. But, you can enjoy the beautiful livingroom environment, since I haven’t posted that on twitter 🙂

1983 BMW

View the 3d model of the car in real time at: 3D rotation of 1983 BMW


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