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I graduated from Art School :)

February 17, 2014

So I finished my last class at the Art Institute on Saturday. I now have a Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design 🙂 Hopefully I’ll get it in the mail soon so I will have it to hang on my wall.

I worked on my portfolio for the last class and am really nervous about trying to find employment in the competitive industry. I’m hoping to get out of teaching math for a little while.

I’ve been working hard at creating the last few weeks. I have an internship, am working on an indie game, and am working with the AIO chapter of IGDA on a game. I’ve also made a new doll 🙂 So get ready to be bombarded with a bunch of pictures.

Let’s start with the plush. I made a Bill Nye doll.


I’ve also completely modeled out the room that I’m working on for IGDA. I am still texturing things, but here are some of the props in the scene. Expect to see the completed scene soon.

lion textured

lion textured 2

sun lamp 2


Well, I think that’s all the new stuff I’ve worked on.


For the link to all the stuff I worked on while in art school, visit: art school projects

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