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Math Tattoos and Unity Games

November 16, 2014

I haven’t had a lot of time to be creative lately. This quarter at work has been particularly busy and I have had 0 free time. I did, however, manage time to get a math tattoo 🙂


The picture was taken right after I got it so it is a little red 🙂

Explanation: My favorite class in grad school was Knot Theory. Knots can be represented in their knot or braid format. The tattoo is the braid representation of the 10_10 knot (10 crossings, 10th in the list). Claire’s birthday is 10-10, so I thought it would be a cute way to show off my love of math and my daughter 😀

As I said, I’ve been working A LOT. Right now I am teaching 5 classes (3 math classes and 2 video game classes), 3 of which are completely new preps for me and designing new lectures is an arduous task. Anyway, in one of my new classes, Game Project I, I am teaching my students the ins and outs of Unity 3D. I have spent the last few weeks showing them how to make this game:

Attack on the Farm

It turned out pretty well considering the limitations. I would have liked to have done a lot more with it, but it took a lot longer to go through the process in class than I expected it to.

bc56f3_5f773283144a4e9ca56fd03f855ad7bd bc56f3_d9bede9dfc2e4d4a98e96ac356d2aa47 bc56f3_62653310201942ec86412a232a23259a bc56f3_ad910e4cf828422d8b6765c7bc373875 bc56f3_8e3041bf796b40d88104fa23c33b649b bc56f3_ad74b1c0e86b43129dafbac4ad161759

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  1. Yarrow Isaacs permalink
    August 24, 2019 9:46 pm

    Hey i would really like to have one of these for my brother and fathers birth months do you think you could point me in the direction of a chart or picture that would have the 10, 9 knot in braided form im having a hard time finding it.

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