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Pengruin-Available now on the App Store

December 29, 2014

My friends and I started working on this game called Tuna in Altoona forever ago and it got a little too epic and we got a little to busy. It’s back-burnered for now, but I have released its “sequel”. haha

I needed to make a 2D sidescroller to teach my Unity students,so I came up with Pengruin! (pronounced “Peng-ruin!” It must be exclaimed when said!!!!) I just wanted to do something silly and cute-ish and instead of having to create character art (on top of background and object) I used the walk cycle Lisa Oestricher made for Derrick from Tuna in Altoona. It’s funny that that I kept showing my class full of boys how to make cutesy games. Anyway, after showing them how to make it, I decided to put it up on the App Store for iPad.

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Get it at the app store here.

Or, play it online here.

The online version works a little weird because the jump button is designed to be touched (i.e. mouse hover). But, I suggest using the space bar in the web version to jump anyway.

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