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Making Stuff for the Kiddo

October 11, 2015

Claire really wanted me to make her a crochet sheep. So I did. Before it was even close to being done she insisted on sleeping with it and taking it to daycare.

Here she is with it after I picked her up from daycare and the sheep still looked like a bowling pin and didn’t even have arms or legs yet. Its head was falling off by the end of the day, because she was playing with it so much.


Here’s a picture of it before I put the “fleece” and the face on it.


And here it is completed with my kid loving on it 🙂 I think the face looks a little too bear-like, but she loves it.


She outgrew her security blanket that she’s had since she was a baby, so I made her an new blanket just her size 🙂 I’ve made it so that I can easily make it longer when she gets bigger. Claire’s favorite color is orange, so I made her an orange blanket with this adorable pattern that I found on Pinterest. I finished it last night (on her birthday) and she is already insisting on it being with her at all times 🙂 She loves when I make her stuff.


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