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GameSmart Games 2016-2017

June 25, 2018

I can’t believe I never blogged about leaving my teaching job to work full-time as a game developer!

Back in September 2016 I left my full-time teaching gig to work for, a company in Minneapolis that makes web games, as a Game Developer. Mid 2017 I was promoted to Senior Game Developer and was promoted to the Development Manager January 1, 2018.

I made quite a few games during 2016 and 2017 for GameSmart! I also learned 3 new game engines in the process. Here’s some thumbnails.

As a “New Years” thing I tweeted about the fact that I made a bunch of games in 2017. The tweet went crazy viral, which was overwhelming and weird.

BTW, if you’re looking at this post and thinking, “I only count 6 games on 3 game engines”, hold your horses! I have more blog posts coming 🙂

I’ve never used the “read more” tag, so hopefully it works. Read more to view a list of the games, along with publication dates, engine/language, and videos. And playable links!

10/27/16 Landlord


-Replaced later by a game made in a different engine.

12/2/16 Dim Sum


Play Online

2/16/17 Landlord

GameMaker/GML (Remake of the Superpowers/TypeScript game)

Play Online


3/15/17 Double Dots

Construct 2

Play Online


5/22/17 Pony Pachinko


Play Online


6/27/17 Sudoku Village


Play Online


10/16/17 Yo Ho Bingo


Play Online


11/10/17 Drop Spot


Play Online


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