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Oculus Launchpad 2017 Participant

June 25, 2018

In June 2017 I got to go to Facebook Headquarters and be part of the Oculus Launchpad program 🙂 It was a crazy awesome experience! I met some amazing people and learned a lot. I couldn’t really take pictures while there, but here’s a picture of the Facebook sign.  😀

I got some pretty nice swag and was able to pair up with my friend Meredith to make a Gear VR game. She needed someone to do the UI work and I needed someone to do all the other work! 😀 I was far too busy to make a game by myself at that time.

Our game ultimately didn’t win the scholarship, but I am very proud of the UI work I did and Meredith did an amazing job coming up with the concept and working on the game play. Here’s some in-game screenshots. I made an animated interactive messaging system on a tv screen. I don’t have any of the play scene UI.



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