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New Job/Quick and “Dirty” Games

February 13, 2019

I want to be better about updating my blog again! I’ve done quite a bit of interesting stuff lately and am bummed I don’t have a log of it. I’ve got an insane amount of crocheted scarves that are just sitting in a trunk…but the idea of posting about all of them right now is overwhelming, so I won’t post about them just yet.

Anyway, I do have some things I can post about right now!

Update 1: New Job!

I left my job as a game developer and now work as a software engineering coach at a major retailer (who shall remain nameless, but a quick LinkedIn search shows who they are). I love my new job so much and am so much happier.

Update 2: Don’t Wake the Cat

Now that I have a new job and thus a new lease on life, my mental state has repaired itself to the point that I can do things other than sleep all the time. So, I’ve made two “quick and dirty games”.

The first game I made was a prototype of a concept I had been thinking about for a while: Don’t Wake the Cat. Its a game in which you have to maneuver yourself out of bed without waking up the cat sleeping next to you. It’s based on a game I play multiple times a day.

I spent about 2 hours one night slapping together the prototype, which can be played here:


It was exceptionally hideous, but for some reason, people enjoyed it. So, I hired my friend Lisa to make some updated art. It’s still pretty much in a prototype phase, but it definitely looks nicer 😀 You can play this “remastered” version here:

cat before afterscreenshot1screenshot2screenshot3

Update 3: Can’t Sleep

If you follow me on twitter, or here on wordpress, you’ve probably heard me complain about insomnia. I’ve struggled with it since I was a little girl and it’s primarily caused by my extreme intrusive thoughts. One night, I couldn’t sleep, so I made another “quick and dirty game”. This time, I made one about insomnia called Can’t Sleep.

In the game you must “squash” the bad thoughts before they reach the brain. You want to empty the brain so you can fall asleep before your alarm clock goes off. You can play the game here:

Update 4: In the Pipeline

I have quite a bit on cool things in the pipeline and hope to post about them! I’ve had more free time lately (since I don’t spend all of my non-work time in bed as a depressed husk of a human), so I am making time for personal projects. I’ve also got some cool, secret, contract work that’s coming up, so hopefully I can talk about that soon!

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