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Ask an Indie Interview

October 26, 2016

I have been terrible about updating my blog lately. Mostly because I’ve been so incredibly busy. But, back in August I answered some interview questions for the Ask an Indie column at TechdotMN:

I’m a DOCTOR!!!!!

October 24, 2016

While posting the news about my book being published, I realized I forgot to mention that I passed my dissertation defense on September 21 and am officially a Doctor of Computer Science 🙂

My dissertation was titled Aesthetic Elements of Effective Educational Video Game Design: Effects on Engagement, Motivation, Knowledge, and Recall.

I will post a link to it on ProQuest once it is published.

Mastering Unity 2D Game Development

October 24, 2016

Well, the book I started working on in March is finally published 🙂

I wrote the second edition version. I also created 90% of the new art in the game that I discussed making within the book.

You can purchase the eBook alone or the eBook along with the print edition via the publisher’s website here.


You can also pre-order the eBook or Paperback on Amazon here.

Baby Home by Claire (My 4 y.o.)

August 16, 2016

Last week my daughter was drawing and I said to her, “You’re getting so good at drawing! Pretty soon I’ll have to start using your art in my games!” Well, that snowballed into her coming up with an idea of a game and getting incredibly excited about me making it for her. This was around bedtime, so I had to convince her to go to sleep and told her we would work on it in the morning. Well, the moment she woke up she asked about making her game. She then set forth diligently making art for her game.

The game starts with an egg that you have to tap repeatedly to hatch. Once it hatches, one of 5 “babies” will appear. The word “Feed” will appear every 30 seconds at the bottom of the screen. After you feed the baby a few times, it will evolve. Each baby has 2-3 evolutions.

You can play the game here.

Here’s the babies and their evolution:

Headphone Purse

August 15, 2016

I made a little bag to hold my headphones that also doubles as a small purse 🙂

Cushions for the Kid’s Wagon

July 25, 2016

We have been playing a lot of Pokemon Go, but Cliaire gets tired waaaay before we do. So, we bought her this super cool wagon.

Well, she kept wanting to lay down in it and it didn’t seem very comfy, so I made her some cushions.

The center of the wagon is actually about an inch lower than the center, so the two seats are three pieces of foam. When in seat form there are two pieces on the seat and when it bed form, there are two pieces on the “outside”.

Baby Blankets

June 16, 2016

Ok, last crochet-catch-up post for the day…maybe…

I made a few baby blankets over the winter, too.

The first one I actually wrote up the pattern for and have it for-sale on etsy. I also have a completed blanket for sale.


My friend Danny QA tested the pattern for me and made these super cute pillows with it.

She changed the pattern slightly, by decreasing the gap, since she wanted to make a pillow.



I’ve been “in the process” (which means I started and never finished) of writing up the pattern for this one to sell:

il_570xN.926878472_o47y il_570xN.926878550_tjur

Sweaters for my kiddo

June 16, 2016

Around the same time I was making scarves and not posting them on my blog, I was also making sweaters for my cute kid.


June 16, 2016

I went through a scarf phase over the winter and apparently I never posted pictures of them.

Most of them are available for purchase on my etsy store.

As you can tell, I was also super in to pompoms during that time frame.

Prism Pets

May 5, 2016

I started working on Prism Pets a very, very long time ago. It actually originally had very different game play. It was more Tetris-like. Then during a school break I reworked it to the slide mechanics. I finished it and then sat on it for over a year. I had to add the “How to Play”, the Mute button, and the credits, but I just kept putting it off. Well, last weekend I finally decided to finish it. Really, I was just avoiding my working on dissertation. So, I finally finished it and published it to Google Play for Android.

I did all of the programming for the current version and all of the UI Art. My friend Lisa Oestreicher made the animals, but I did literally everything else.

A student of mine will be updating it with swipe mechanics soon. I could do it myself, but I don’t have the time to work on it and I wanted to give him the opportunity to have another published game before he graduated and began job hunting.

This weekend I will be working on getting it published to iOS. Once I get a Windows Phone to test it on, I will publish it to that platform, too.

Also, in completely awesome news, it will be published in Wii U by Intropy Games soonish! 🙂



Update 6/25/18: I never ended up putting swipe mechanics in the game, but I left my students name in the credits, because he did work on it (even if his code never ended up in the game). The game is available on iOS and on the WiiU! Here’s a trailer: