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Sweaters for my kiddo

June 16, 2016

Around the same time I was making scarves and not posting them on my blog, I was also making sweaters for my cute kid.



June 16, 2016

I went through a scarf phase over the winter and apparently I never posted pictures of them.

Most of them are available for purchase on my etsy store.

As you can tell, I was also super in to pompoms during that time frame.

Prism Pets

May 5, 2016

I started working on Prism Pets a very, very long time ago. It actually originally had very different game play. It was more Tetris-like. Then during a school break I reworked it to the slide mechanics. I finished it and then sat on it for over a year. I had to add the “How to Play”, the Mute button, and the credits, but I just kept putting it off. Well, last weekend I finally decided to finish it. Really, I was just avoiding my working on dissertation. So, I finally finished it and published it to Google Play for Android.

I did all of the programming for the current version and all of the UI Art. My friend Lisa Oestreicher made the animals, but I did literally everything else.

A student of mine will be updating it with swipe mechanics soon. I could do it myself, but I don’t have the time to work on it and I wanted to give him the opportunity to have another published game before he graduated and began job hunting.

This weekend I will be working on getting it published to iOS. Once I get a Windows Phone to test it on, I will publish it to that platform, too.

Also, in completely awesome news, it will be published in Wii U by Intropy Games soonish! 🙂


Faculty Speaker for Graduation-Fall 2015

May 5, 2016

I was the faculty speaker for the Fall 2015 graduation for my school. I just found out it was available on youtube 🙂 Here’s a link to it starting at my introduction.

This is my first time watching it and I’m super embarrassed. I keep making a smack/clicking noise with my mouth! Now next time I public speak I’m going to be freaking out that I’m doing that.

Freeform Crochet Kid Body Pillow

January 8, 2016

Ok, last post today…I think.

MONTHS ago Claire picked out some square beads at the craft store and wanted me to make a pillow for her with the beads in it. Over the Christmas break I finally sat down and made her one. I chose to make a body pillow for her, because I just happened to have this really weirdly sized scrap of fabric.

IMG_0065 IMG_0066 IMG_0067


Crochet Bread Box Animals

January 8, 2016

On New Year’s Eve my 12 year old cat, Colonel Mustard, passed away from lung cancer. I was (and still am) devastated.


I spent the first three days in bed, but on the fourth day, wanted to do something to help me get over it. I also needed something to snuggle with, because Colonel was my snuggle buddy. So, I made this “breadbox cat” resembling him. I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but it has one black whisker, because as Colonel got older, one of his whiskers turned black.

IMG_0071 IMG_0070

Of course, Claire stole it and wanted me to make her her own. She looks sad in the picture because I was trying to take it from her so I could take pictures of it without her engulfing it.

IMG_0068 IMG_0069

She asked me to make her a dog and instead of going all out and crocheting something new, I re-purposed some unused crochet projects I made a while back and made her a rainbow doggy.

IMG_0090 IMG_0086

She insisted on putting one of her bows on the top of its head.


January 8, 2016

The math nerd in my got really excited trying to tile crochet stars. Since the math nerd in me knows that is it actually impossible to perfectly tile pentagons and it can only be achieved by adding space in between the pentagons. Anyway, I made a dress and a purse with the pattern I figured out. I still haven’t finished the dress. It’s “done” I just need to finish tucking in the strings.


il_570xN.883933075_jmm2 il_570xN.884168522_1hx0il_570xN.883933113_ivl0