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This week in random creativity

August 3, 2014

I haven’t had a lot of time to be creative in the last weeks. I’ve been busy with work, school, and mothering. However, the things that have tied up my time have managed to give me a few creative outlets.

Cross Stitching 

Sunday my friend Jessica came over to hang out with me and Claire. We had a crafting sweatpants party. Jessica is really in to cross stitching and I used to do it a lot when I was younger so we decided that we’d have a cross stitch day. I purchased this pattern off of etsy, since Claire is super in to My Little Ponies and babies. Our next crafting sweatpants party will involve us making pillows out of our finished products. Here is my progress so far.


It’s taking a long time 🙂 I spent three full days working on it and am not even half done. My fingers are raw.


Perler Beading

As I said above, Claire is SUPER in to My Little Ponies. So, last week I kind of went a little online-shopping crazy and bought her a bunch of toys to add to her collection. Since I went a little overboard, I am trying to not buy her any more toys. Claire loves putting her toys to sleep. She has confiscated pretty much every washcloth we own to use as blankets for her toys. I knew that small toy beds and cribs would be great additions to her playtime, but (like I said) I am really trying to not buy her more toys. (Seriously, it’s a problem. I’m addicted to buying toys.) Anyway, since I didn’t want to buy her any more toys, I decided to make her a crib out of Perler Beads for her little baby ponies.

She asked for a white one, so I made her a white one. Well, then she said each baby pony needed its own crib. So she asked for a pink one. Then she said the Mommy and Daddy needed a bed…sigh…So, I made a bed for the parents. She actually helped me with that one (to the best of her two year old ability). Kyle and I also sewed up some little pillows and blankets for them. Here is the end result.


BTW, if you are interested in that My Little Pony set, you can find it here at Target.


Graphic Art

I have started a Game Creation Honor Society at my school. I am working as the “Faculty Overseer”. I am currently recruiting students and have gotten 5 official applicants already 🙂 I wrote the charter over the weekend and it got approved on Tuesday. So, I started making some flyers, a logo, and a certificate of acceptance.

I designed a logo and picked the official Society color. The Society’s color (for now) is emerald green. I chose it because green represents intelligence. Once we have meetings, we’ll probably vote to change it if the members don’t like my executive decision. The symbols in the logo are supposed to help represent our mission. The laurel wreath is meant to symbolize honor and is used a lot to symbolize high educational honor. The upheld hands symbolize caring. I chose them because we will be doing charity work. The three stars represent high scores in video games 🙂 haha

GCHS seal transparent

I printed the seal onto gold foil seals and attached them to the certificate I made along with emerald green ribbon. I downloaded an awesome font called Diploma to use with it. I studied a bunch of different acceptance certificates and this is the design I came up with.

honor society acceptance

I’m hoping to eventually get a custom embosser and emboss the seal instead of printing it. The paper I got was really nice parchment paper with a bluish tint (blue is the school’s color scheme). It’s a little thinner than I expected, so I may get different paper for the next round.


Coming Soon

As I said, I’m trying to tie my creativity into work, my kid, and school. I am currently working on a Unity game for my Games, Gamification, and Serious Games class (that I’m taking, not teaching). We don’t have to make a game, just a design document, but since I actually know most of the material we are covering, I wanted to use the class in the most productive way possible. Since I’m going to be teaching a class in Unity next quarter, I asked a classmate of mine to join my team and allow me to practice teaching Unity to him. So, while we are making the game, I am also going to make lecture notes for my classmate to learn from and give me suggestions on how to improve them for my class next quarter.


Man, this may be the most words I’ve ever put in a blog post.


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